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  7/19/09   Cheyenne  Starring: Cheyenne    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Cheyenne's Underwater Blow Job Sex Underwater means Cheyenne gives Good Head  

What a lovely creature Cheyenne is. By creature I mean she has that unhuman quality that drives guys wild - that "I'm gonna pop in my pants if she even touches me!" quality. Not only that, she loves the water and loves having you watch her blow bubbles and blow cock!


  7/12/09   Chill'n  Starring: Leah Wilde, Levi Cash    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Leah Wilde is a Sex Underwater Superstar in "Chill'n" Underwater Sex Star Leah Wilde  

Chill'n on a sunny day with horny, hot body Leah Wild in the pool. After some sensuous groping and pull'n the strings on her bikini - there's really only one proper thing to do,.. in fact, it would be rude not to! So let the "chill out" fuck begin!

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  6/21/09   Murky "Fucking" Water  Starring: Ami Emerson    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Ami Emerson Scuba Sex Underwater  Athletic Scuba Sex Underwater with Ami Emerson   

Not even a massive algae bloom can keep Ami Emerson from fuck'n around in the ocean with scuba gear! Visibility was just about 20 feet and looked like pea soup! However the water was warm and Ami was horny - a local spearfisherman was eager to "Spear" something other than hogfish! Ami made it worth his while. Released in B&W so you can see something.


  6/14/09   Shelby  Starring: Shelby Chase, Peter Delmar    pt.1= 114mb  pt.2= 93mb   (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Underwater Sex machine Shelby Chase  Shelby Chase gets her pussy lick during Sex Underwater   

Like the famed Ford GT, our Shelby has styling that will leave you breathless! The difference is that our Shelby is engineered for Sensual and Passionate Underwater Love Making. Sit back and enjoy watching this curvasous bundle of sex do her thing to some blues'y tunes.

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  5/31/09   Kitty Bella  Starring: Kitty Bella    pt.1= 133mb     (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Kitty Bella Swallows cock during underwater sex  Kitty Bella gets a mouthful of cum during Sex Underwater   

On truly rare occassions you meet a sexy gal who's name IS who she is! Meet Kitty. You're never going to find a cuter, softer, cuddlier, luscious lipped, warm tounged, erect nipple, natural D-cup, bubble butt Girl on the planet. The really great part is that Kitty loves to suck and fuck Underwater! What a find.


  5/24/09   Resort Course  Starring: Max Mikita, Dave Pounder    pt.1= 155mb  pt.2= 154mb   (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Scuba sex underwater Max Mikita rocks it  Max Mikita loves doggy-style scuba sex underwater   

Snuba - a cross between scuba and snorkeling. For our Resort Insturctor, hardbody Max Mikita only one thing matters. If she's underwater, she's gonna fuck! Fuck, suck, chew, munch, lick, grind or pound - those are her technical terms for diving. One helluva Instructior.

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  5/10/09   Floating  Starring: Ami Emerson, Tony    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sensual Ami Emerson loves underwater sex  Sex underwater and on her back is Ami Emerson   

It's difficult to find a more sensual performer than Ami Emerson. In fact, the only thing Ami loves more than being underwater, is sucking & fucking a rock-hard cock underwater - which she does better than just about anyone else! Lots of graceful poses, on-back and upside down fucking!


  4/26/09   Felony  Starring: Felony, Levi    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sexy Felony rocks sex underwater  Felony gets hammered from behind during underwater sex   

Sexy Felony has a private erotic afternoon in the pool,.. until her hubby finds her masturbating in the deep end and gives her a hell of a jolly-roger slamming! Features gagging bj, UW moans and groans and one hellova gorgeous Babe!

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  4/12/09   Glamour Photo Shoot  Starring: Brenda James, Peter Delmar    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Gorgeous Brenda James sucks dick having sex underwater  Brenda James loves cock and underwater sex   

Luscious Brenda James stretches out her water-wings during her first UW Glamour Shoot. I guess the water felt great, because she couldn't keep her hands off AE's new cameraman Peter Delmar! Not exactly just her hands - her lips and throat as well!


  4/12/09   Passionate Quickie  Starring: Daisy Duxe, Dallas    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Daisy Duxe has passionate "Quickie Sex" underwater  Daisy Duxe on her back again having sex underwater   

Whether she's Feature Dancing around the globe, or having Scuba Sex for Aqua Entertainment - Adult Star Daisy Duxe always puts out an extremely hot, sensual performance! Passionate Quickie is just that. Stripping out of short short cut-off's and a sequin top, Daisy gives Dallas a rock'n cuddle-fuck that will leave you breathless! Gulp!

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  3/15/09   Hookah Fuck #6  Starring: Max Mikita, Hunter    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Max Mikita has incredible gymnastic underwater scuba sex  Gymnast Max Mikita hammers it during scuba sex underwater   

Atheletic hardbody Max Mikita is aways great to see in action. (With or without her Wig!) Learning the ropes as a Dive Instructor in the Philipines - you'll see some Diving "Skills" reserved for those very special students! Awesome tumbling, pounding, Deep Throating, Kama-Sutra-style, Body-bending scuba-fucking! Wanna sign up for lessons?


  3/01/09   'round Midnight  Starring: Mimi Allen, Dallas    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Lovely Mimi Allen has Midnight underwater sex  Mimi Allen loves sex underwater around Midnight   

Slow, sensual and Hi-Energy - That's what happens 'round Midnight when Mimi Allen decides to go for a moonlit dip. You'll wanna run your tongue all over her sweet flesh as she passionately fucks her way to orgasm.

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