Underwater Sex
Underwater Sex

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  1/03/10   Accusations  Starring: Brenda James, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Brenda James sucks a dick underwater! Brenda James in "Accusations"  

The Gorgeous Brenda James gets and ear full from her best friend, accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her! A lunch by the pool turns into one hell-of-a-"ball crunching"-fight. Nothing better than "make up" sex after a fight, so while they're in the pool - why not Underwater! Awesome clothed uw sex!!


  12/20/09   Jasmine  Starring: Jasmine Jolie, Dallas      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Jasmine Jolie gets her pussy licked underwater Jasmine Jolie having Sex Underwater  

Sensuality has a new name and it is Jasmine Jolie! This gorgeous short haired blonde has sex oozing out of every poor on her body. She literally performs a ballet while making love underwater. Tremendous back bending, upside down positions - all accentuated by her flowing legs and arched feet. We have to get her back, so you can hear her as well!(uw audio was lost due to a hard drive crash!)

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  12/06/09   Goldie  Starring: Megan Jones      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Underwater Sex with Megan Jones Sex Underwater with Megan Jones  

Megan loves Gold,.. she likes to wear it, she likes to feel it, she likes to swim in it and especially - she loves to fuck underwater in it! Megan Jones is hotter and more ripped than ever in this great bubble blowing, moaning uw sex scene. She actually had so much fun, she paid us for letting her do the scene!! Of course, she got to keep the gold; but we get the scene forever!


  11/22/09   Slave to Whom?  Starring: Felony, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x6000)  
  Felony is a sex slave underwater Underwater Sex Slave Felony Gets Fucked Hard!  

A mistress taunting her male-slave? Or a Slave-Girl forced to satisfy her master underwater? Once you witness Felony in this scene, you'll be the Slave,.. to her! Felony gives an amazing performance as the ultimate UW seductress. This is a fucking "heart-attack" Hot Scene!!!

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  11/08/09   Lovers #6  Starring: Ami Emerson, Hunter      (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Underwater Sex with Ami Emerson Sex Underwater with Ami Emerson is Mucho Erotico  

This midnight hookah fuck with Ami Emerson and Hunter scorches the pool water to near boiling point. Ami is as sexy and acrobatic as ever, while Hunter uses every move in his arsenal to get her off – and himself off for the effort. Truly a passionate "lover's" fuck–a–thon. Breath Deep!!!


  10/25/09   Senses, All your Senses  Starring: Cheyenne, Levi Cash      (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Cheyenne is having sex underwater and loving every minute of it Spread wide, Cheyenne gets her pussy sucked during Underwater Sex!  

Soft, tingling sensations – that's what the water creates – it electrically excites all your Senses. Watch as gorgeous Cheyenne excites herself; then gets some help from a male friend who is only too happy to bring her to orgasm in the sensual water!

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  10/11/09   Miss Raquel  Starring: Miss Raquel, Lars      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Miss Raquel says, let's have sex in the water! Miss Raquel sucks a dick during underwater sex  

Fucking poolside in the hot sun is a ball, it's also just that,.. HOT! That's why you do it "poolside", so there's cool water to plunge into. Miss Raquel heats up the water in this awesome UW Sex scene!


  9/27/09   Ocean Oral  Starring: Max Mikita, Joe C. Whales      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Max Mikita & Joe C. Whales having underwater scuba sex Suck my dick underwater  

Hookah diving on shallow reefs is a blast. Max Mikita and Joe C. Whales seem to enjoy it! Especially when you take a break to munch on some salt-water pussy or gobble a salty protein snack from a fully erect tube sponge! Don't ya just love the diverse sea life on a reef?

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  9/13/09   Caresses  Starring: Sunny Dae, Delila      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sunny Dae & Delila are having sex underwater and it is so erotic Underwater sex with Sunny Dae and Delila is so sensual  

Two Gorgeous women softly caressing each other - what's not to love! Sunny Dae and Delila love to touch each other, especially with waterproof vibrators - they like to watch each others bubbles as they explode with orgasms. We like to watch too!


  8/30/09   Michaela's Hookah Lesson  Starring: Michaela, Lars      (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Michaela gets ready to have scuba sex underwater. Michaela gets her pussy licked during underwater scuba sex.  

Lars has his mind on other things as he instructs busty Michaela on the use of a Hookah rig. For some reason he uses the word "suck" quite a bit. Michaela doesn't mind, she just wants hang out underwater. Even if it means "hanging onto" something hard and stiff,.. or even getting drilled by something hard and stiff! If it's underwater, it's all good for Michaela!

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  8/16/09   Eden  Starring: Eden Adams, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Eden Adams is super sexy having sex underwater Underwater sex seems to come natural to Eden Adams  

Lithe and sexy Eden Adams loves to play with herself anywhere, anytime. Some times she has a friend with a stiff cock help her play,.. sometimes she just images that he's there. Either way - she's a dynamo in the water and loves being there!


  8/02/09   Horny Dive Model  Starring: Daisy Duxe, Hunter    pt.1= 120mb  pt.2= 122mb   (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Daisy Duxe is looking for underwater scuba sex And sex underwater is just what Daisy Duxe gets  

Something about the warm slippery saltwater that makes Daisy Duxe horny,.. even when she's supposed to paying attention to her modeling. Fortunately for Daisy her photographer, Hunter, is usually up to the task. Great Open Water Scuba Fuck scene!

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