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  04/17/11   Bubbles 'n Tumbles  Starring: Holly Halston, Tony Rubino      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Holly Halston tumbles to an orgasm during underwater sex Holly Halston gets her pussy eaten during sex underwater  

I guess if you fuck like maniac tumbling jack rabbits, you get a short video scene. It may be short, but it'll be one of your all time favorites! Holly Halston has never looked better, nor has she performed with such raw-sex-powered energy before. (Hard to beleive if you know her scenes!) Blow'n bubbles and tumbling around - the only way to have sex underwater!


  04/03/11   Wet Whitney  Starring: Whitney Taylor, Levi Cash      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Whitney taylor loves sex underwater Whitney Taylor gets her pussy eaten during sex underwater  

Whitney Taylor loves being Wet,.. I mean soaked, submerged, totally wrapped in warm water, Wet! And her curvaseous body looks almost too perfect underwater. A perfect pin-up babe with a lust for sex and UW skills to make you cry with excitement. Breathtaking sensual underwater love making from a very talented new comer to the UW world.

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  03/20/11   Hookah Whore  Starring: Daisy Duxxx, Joe C. Whales      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Underwater Scuba Sex with Daisy Duxxx getting pounded and a mouth full of cum Daisy Duxxx gets drilled at depth during scuba sex  

Many women get aroused when diving in warm salt water. The slippery feel of the water, the pressure from the depth on their skin and the thrill of seeing the exotic beauty of sealife. Now Daisy Duxxx, she's simply a Hooka Whore! Get her in the ocean and she's gotta fuck! And fuck she does and it's always a pleasure to watch, 'specially when she hoovers a gallon of cum into her mouth at the end!


  03/06/11   Easy Women  Starring: Megan Jones, Jen Capone      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Megan Jones and Jen Capone get it on underwater Jen Capone eats Megan Jones pussy during underwater sex  

Megan Jones and Jen Capone seem to be two pretty easy women to seduce, at least for each other. Simply admiring one's bathing suit leads to an outrageous pussy munching session at the bottom of the pool. As usual, Megan loves to lay on her back and coo bubbles as she writhes with pleasure. Jen would rather stand on her head upside-down, moaning, while Megan grinds on her clit. What a fabulous show from two beautiful uw vixens!

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  02/20/11   Playthings  Starring: Monicka Jaymes      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Monicka Jaymes turns it on during sex underwater Monicka Jaymes loves it doggy style underwater  

It's fun to play, especially when your playing with firm nipples, a hard sexy black ass and a gorgeous long lean gal named Monicka Jaymes. She likes to play too, she likes to play with hard cocks under the water. When these Playthings become Sex Things a good time is had by all. Tony Rubino is more than happy to be just a plaything, wouldn't you?


  02/06/11   The Passion  Starring: Sunset Diamond      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sexy Sunset Diamond sucks and grinds hard during sex underwater Sunset Diamond lays back for sex underwater  

Sunset Diamond and Levi seem to have a true passion for each other. Sunset performs as gracefully as ever while her perfect lean body floats buoyantly as Levi crushes his body against her during his powerful strokes. Lots of kissing and carressing in between the hard pounding make for an explosive and dramatic UW sex scene!

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  01/30/11   Persia Passes  Starring: Persia Monir      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Sex maniac Persia Monir craves cock underwater Persia Monir loves cock in her mouth underwater  

Sex Maniac Persia Monir is a foxy, voluptuous MILF who's motto is "anytime, anywhere!"; and she means it. Given the opportunity to play with a stiff cock underwater - she dove in the water before I could get the camera ready. If you think she's having fun sucking this dick, wait till you see her in full action during the coming months.


  01/23/11   Sensuous Sunny  Starring: Sunny      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Lovely Sunny is a perfect underwater lover Dallas eats Sunny's pussy underwater  

Sensually soft, yet seemingly a perfect HardBody Babe! Sunny can make your skin tingle just by being in a room with her. Get her floating around in a pool and it's instant hard-on muff diving time! Your pick of what does it, the massive puppy-like brown eyes, pouting full lips, firm perfect breasts, gorgeous tight round ass, not to mention legs and feet that define the fetish! Making me wanna pop just describing her!!

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  01/09/11   1 for 2  Starring: Charity      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Busty Charity rocks during hooka sex underwater Charity wants your dick in her mouth underwater  

A buddy breathing exercize with a single Hookah Hose quickly turns into an underwater buddy fuck-fest! Just looking at Charity's full lips on that regulator mouthpiece, not to mention her massive firm tities popping out of her bikini top is enough to get any man hard. Lars can't resist,.. you wanna breath,.. take a suck first! He who controls the regulator, cums first!


  12/26/10   China White  Starring: Summer      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Summer has a sexy underwater fuck Summer bubbles an orgasm during underwater fuck  

China White soft young flesh, flaming red hair, a devilish hell raising smile and arched feet that the foot-fetish was created for! That's the obvious about Summer. Whats not obvious is that she loves to fuck underwater! Not only fuck, but loves to deep throat, loves to be choked, loves arching her back upside down and she screams and moans like a banshee when she comes! Summer - one helluva UW lover!

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  12/05/10   Salt Water Pussy Pounding  Starring: Taylor, Estella Leon      (HI-Res 640x480)  
  Taylor & Estella eat pussy in the ocean Estella pounds Taylor pussy underwater in the ocean  

The only as hot as a sexy scuba babe sucking and getting banged in the open ocean, are two sexy scuba babes sucking on each other and doing the salt water pussy pounding to bring each other off! Taylor and Estella Leon are only too happy to prove this to ya! In fact, it might even be "hotter" than a sexy scuba babe,...


  11/21/10   CAGED  Starring: Bamboo, Pascal      (HI-Def 1000x600)  
  Bamboo is captive and fucked hard underwater Bamboo loves getting fucked and having sex underwater  

Yes, her name is Bamboo. That is NOT why we built a bamboo cage to have her perform in. We built the cage because we thought it would look cool and be fun to shoot a scene in! Bamboo is stunning as always and delivers an extremely erotic performance as a captive in a cage with a very horny Master! You can lock me up with her anytime!

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