Underwater Sex
Underwater Sex

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Sweet Siren  Starring: Kendra Cole, Dallas
(HD)  25:10  

When did you last see a 5'3", 95 pound lovely like Kendra Cole? Legs like a super model, firm bubble butt, perky fulltime erect nipples and that mouth! The only thing sexier than her smile combined with her twinkling eyes, is when she purses her lips in a tiny, perfectly round red suction-hole and softly blows bubbles from it as she moans!!! Or when it's actually suction-ing! A perfect watery playmate!

Newbie  Starring: Charlie Maverick, Dallas
(HD)  24:00  

Sexy little Charlie loves the water and loves to screw - can she put the two together? Check out her slow deep throat action and her explosive bubble action in various sex positions. I'd say she has what it takes become a repeat performer!

Fiona Rivers  Starring: Fiona Rivers
(HD)  12:00  

Maybe you recall this curvaceous, shapely, rock hard, hard body sex maniac from "Gifted Amateur" back in January. Personally, I'd find it impossible to forget her! Well, here's her BJ audition shot last year. I honestly thought she was going to suck Gino's cock right off his body during this scene. Watch and listen to the suction and "pops", you'll feel the same way. "Sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch" was never a more accurate description. Harry, from Gropecam Training, couldn't get her to stay under for 25 seconds. Give her a stiff cock and she's there a minute plus, no problem. Girls! Ya gotta love 'em!

Torquing  Starring: Taylor Whyte, Dani Desire
(HD)  17:00  

Tits, tongues and torquing,.. how much more fun can two sexy babes have underwater in a pool frolic! Taylor puts her sexy mouth to great use as she munches and finger fucks Dani into a quaking orgasm. Never having enough, of anything, Dani pussy grinds Taylor then gently massages her to the same explosive space. To think, all this wonderful passion and sex started with a simple ass shaking competition!

Scuba Solution  Starring: Brooke Wyld, Dallas
(HD)  33:56  

What happens if you're having a bad day holding your breath AND sinking underwater,.. you know, like when your Big Natural Titty Girlfriend is begging you to fuck her underwater! You pull out the old "Scuba Solution". Weighted, breathing underwater,.. and fucking like maniacs. Caution*** use of knives to strip your partner will result in having to buy new swimwear!

Halle's Hands  Starring: Halle Von
(HD)  10:40  

Sweet little blonde Halle blinks those huge sparkling eyes at you and you already have a hard on. If she's in the mood to cool down, she'll comfortably submerge in the pool and crank your wank with an amazing teasie hand job. One hand, two hand, butt checks and nipples all get in the action to make you explode!

Rapture  Starring: Emma Evins, Dallas
(HD)  22:30  

Not of the Deep,.. but Rapture of the tingly, whole-body vibration of an orgasm kind. Gorgeous super model bodied Emma poses, stretches, arches, smiles, swallows and moans her way to a super underwater orgasm. Extra special for the leg freaks out there, follow the feet up and dive-in deeply!

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