Underwater Sex
Underwater Sex

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Carmens Curves  Starring: Carmen Caliente, Dallas
(HD)  28:22  

Soft fleshy Curves floating around underwater are the best "Pool Buddies" you can have. Especially when the curves are attached to a voluptuous nineteen year old sex bomb named Carmen Caliente. From her luscious full pouty lips to her other luscious full pouty lips and every inch of fleshy ass, hip, thigh, breast, stomach and neck in between! You literally want to jam ALL of Carmen into your mouth at one time, and at the same moment get fucked and sucked by her as if she was a warm, moist, velvet blanket snugly wrapped around you! What a dilemma,.. what great underwater sex,.. what a Girl!

Taylor in a Tube  Starring: Taylor Whyte, Tyler Paige
(HD)  16:00  

A Float Tube: what better way to present your ass & pussy to an underwater sex freak? Foxy throat-gagger Taylor Whyte loves to show off her round firm ass to everyone. Even more so if she gets a chance to suck and fuck underwater by doing so! This quickie scene was just enough to get what she needed, a solid pussy vibration, a throat full of cock and a mouthful of cum. Taylor promises to come back the pool soon. She wants more! And we wanna watch!

Drinking Dick  Starring: Payton Simmons
(HD)  15:00  

Hot body, golden haired Payton doesn't Suck. Well, actually she does, she sucks like a dream come true! How gorgeous is it to watch that golden hair floating in the light as her perfect titties press against Dallas's body. All the while Payton slowly swallows his cock,.. actually it looks more like she is Drinking his Dick all the way down her throat. Gulping, gulping until he explodes deep in her throat. Wow, it looks so good I bet you'll wanna try it! Am i right?

Krush on Kelly  Starring: Kelly Diamond
(HD)  12:29  

What's not to have a krush on about Kelly. Perfect, petite hard body. Sparkling glamour eyes, long raven hair. A quiet little mermaid with a need to gag herself with any hard cock she can get her hands on! you'l be mesmerized by her beauty, you'll be breathless with her performance. You're gonna have a Krush on Kelly!

Finger Fantasy  Starring: Evelyn, Dallas
(HD)  28:00  

Lovely Evelyn is drifting around by herself, caressing and fingering herself in the cool pool water. She's fantasizing that she has an underwater lover. Someone to finger and munch on her clit for her. Someone to massage her breasts, suck and bite her nipples. Someone to pull her hair and fuck her doggy style, cowgirl and scissors until she screams with multiple orgasms! She might be fantasizing, but it looks pretty real to us!

Lets Hooka-Up  Starring: Daisy Haze, Dallas
(HD)  28:27  

Bitch'n hot, little Daisy Haze wanted to hook up with us and show off her firm bubble butt, natural perfect c-cup titties and blow bubbles from her full red lips. Hook-up, fuck that, you're gonna get hookah'd up and fuck underwater like the horny mermaid wanna-be that you are! Ya know,.. Daisy had no problem with that. In fact she said, "that's exactly what I meant!"

Harley Dean  Starring: Harley Dean, Dallas
(HD)  10:17  

Looking for an exotic beauty? Try mixing Hawaiian, Filipino and American Indian,.. then grow to a statuesque 5 foot 8 inches - don't forget to perfectly proportion every curve of her hips, legs, dream-come-true-ass and perfect firm titties. Then splash on some ultra full lips that pout seductively as those almond eyes sparkle at you. Now take the whole package underwater and you've got a handfull of solid entertainment!!

Ivory Dreams  Starring: Jenna Ivory, Dallas
(HD)  26:43  

Jenna,..I was told she was pretty, I was told she loves the water, so I get her over for a test shoot. I wasn't told that she is the ultimate, fleshy, filled out and curvaceous pin-up queen bombshell from the glamour era and is Old-School Hollywood Star "Gorgeous". So, now I know. I found out that she's, "not good" under the water, but rather that she "OWNS" the underwater world! Then came the icing on the cake,..Jenna Ivory is one hell of an oversexed, teasing, slutty Sex Maniac! Makes for a hot scene, yeah? And she can cook! What's not to love?

Gifted Amateur  Starring: Fiona Rivers, Gino Starr
(HD)  22:30  

Some Underwater Sex Pro's should take a lesson from this very Gifted UW Amateur! Sexy as hell, hot-body, MILF Fiona wanted to try sex underwater. She worked hard to feel comfortable during her brief uw training. Training or not: when you're as talented a sex maniac as this bubble butt, suck-0-lux, fuck-machine that produces quaking orgasms in herself and from her lover,... well, I guess you can only be called gifted - whether you're underwater or not, you certainly wanna get fucked by this rock'n lady!

Elegant Evelyn  Starring: Evelyn
(HD)  12:14  

Lovely, elegant Evelyn's smile can seduced any breathing, warm blooded male. Especially males with a hard horny cock. If the smile doesn't seduce you, her curvaceous body, delicate hands and hot mouth will! Pinning you at the bottom of the pool, she'll suck your hard cock into her warm mouth, swirling her tongue around your head. Then she'll purr and coo bubbles over your shaft and lip-vibrate your head until you explode in her mouth. Then she'll again, smile. Such elegance!

Attractions  Starring: Callie Calypso, Kiara Knight
(HD)  22:15  

Sometimes you meet someone and you "just know" that you're going to get along. Other times, you're swimming with someone and you "just know" you're going to caress her titties and suck on her nipples till they're rock hard, then you'll kiss so hard she'll try to swallow your tongue, then she'll chew on your perfect ass, vibrate your clit and suck on your labia until you scream! Then you'll eat her pussy and finger fuck her until she erupts in orgasm! Sometime ya just know this. For sexy Callie Calypso and foxy Kiara Knight, this an Attraction!

Three Times a Charm  Starring: Ashlynn Taylor, Dallas
(HD)  32:40  

It's happened to all guys at least once. Something happens, and the babe is gone before the deed is done! And you're left hanging with a painful hard-on and blue-balls! It's worth it, ONCE, if it's a sultry foxy babe like Ashlynn Taylor and she promises to make it up to you. But TWICE,.. then almost a THIRD TIME! Dallas has to force this little tease to put her hot mouth and tight bushy pussy to the task after three weeks of waiting. Although the wait seems worth it for him - it certainly is for us viewers!

Lunch Break  Starring: Delialah, Gino Starr
(HD)  12:01  

Lunch Time! If you're in S. FL. that means you can take a quick dip in the pool year 'round to chill out before the afternoon work load. Sometimes you find you're not alone in the pool. Sometimes you find a foxy, lithe, full lipped babe that wants to eat her lunch. Lunch for her being a quick blast of protein straight down the throat, preferably from a stiff cock. How cool is that! Delialah gets her nutrition and Gino gets his chill on.

Happy Fish  Starring: Ashton Monroe, Dallas
(HD)  24:10  

Every owner of a salt water fish tank knows: "If you keep your fish happy, they will keep you happy!" Although I doubt that many of those owners are hoping to doggy style fuck their fish until they spurt a load of cum in their mouths. That's not the case with leggy, sexy Ashton Monroe, (previously Ashton Pierce). Although she's adorned with a giant blue Koi, Ashton,.. is NOT koy. Not when it comes to getting finger fucked on her back to an explosive orgasm. That makes her very "Happy",. now, it's your turn!

Adina, Underwater Please!  Starring: Adina Jewel, Six Gun
(SD)  14:21  

We've had many request recently to feature more Black girls in the scenes. We tried and failed for this weeks update. (she tried really hard, but just couldn't perform underwater - not to the level that you guys expect!) Fortunately we found an unreleased "vintage AE" scene with one of the all time best at uw fellatio - The Gorgeous, playful and over-sexed, Adina Jewel. (see "Snorkling" on SU-13 DVD and "Sassy Momma" on SU-28 DVD for more Adina) As you'll see, instead of catching her breath between takes, Adina has to slarf down any hard cock that distracts her on the surface! "Adina,.. Please! Catch your breath, then do that Underwater!" And man, can she do it underwater!!!

I Prefer Flesh  Starring: Ashton Pierce
(HD)  14:11  

We all like to think that all sexy young girls are always craving to suck on anything. as it turns out, not just anything - sometimes the taste of rubber or latex just ain't as good as real, old fashion, blood engorged, hot hard Fleshy Cock! And hot sexy Ashlynn Pierce is the living proof. Look at that smile of satisfaction as she sucks, slurps, throats and jerks a mouthful of hot cum. Nothing like the real thing - hard cock makes a young girl happy!

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Teach Me Part 2  Starring: Sami St. Clair, Dallas
(HD)  21:57  

Our wise instructor returns to continue his Breath Holding lessons with eager, foxy, certainly over-sexed Sami St. Clair. Even during their brief surface intervals, there is very little attention to breath holding technique. In fact none. Actually, our wise instructor just seems hell bent on getting fucked by a gorgeous babe underwater. Who can blame him? She sure as hell doesn't mind!

Fingers, Tongues, Lips & Bubbles  Starring: Lily Hall, Summer Haze
(HD)  18:47  

Once upon a time, a gorgeous voluptuous Brunette and a lithe foxy blonde decided to get each other off underwater.Their names were Lily & Summer. Hot, hot underwater lesbian action between two great underwater performers. "Since Hot Chicks ain't got no Dicks', they use what they do have - Fingers, Tongues, Lips and Bubbles,.. lots and lots of Bubbles! yummy.

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Teach Me Part 1  Starring: Sami St. Clair, Dallas
(HD)  12:23  

The wise instructor never teaches without getting a lesson in return. Especially when a beautiful leggy, foxy blonde with a rock hard bubble butt wants to learn how to hold her breath and "hang underwater". The wise instructor will always find her passion for being relaxed, (as well as finding her rock hard nipples) - and realizes that relaxation involves sex! Once again it is proven - the instant a girl gets a stiff cock in her mouth,.. she can hold her breath for as long as it takes! This is only Part 1 of the Lesson in Teach Me, wait a couple of weeks and see what she can do with clitoral motivation! Coming Attractions at the end.

Ashlynn Taylor's BJ  Starring: Ashlynn Taylor, Gino Starr
(HD)  13:52  

Spunky and Sexy Ashlynn Taylor is new to underwater modeling, but you'll be seeing a lot of her. A tight munch-able bubble-butt, sexy legs, long flowing hair, pert, taught nipples, an electric twinkle in her eyes, and those lips! My God! Natural, full, pouty, lips that lock onto cock with the suction power of an electro lux vacuum! What's not to like?

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Cruise thru Fantasy  Starring: Carter Cruise, Tony Rubino
(HD)  23:42  

Ultra delicious Southern Peach, Carter Cruise, delights us with a sensuous swim that turns into an erotic underwater masturbation session. Not only is Carter gorgeously curvy and athletic, somehow, under that crown of flowing golden hair and behind those crystal eyes - she can make her fantasy come true. For the camera! What a babe! I guess she prefers to swim a stiff cock than alone. With her bod, I can see why. Thank You!

Summer's Time Continues!  Starring: Summer Haze, Levi Cash
(HD)  20:14  

Normally I don't post "same girl" back to back updates, but you gotta see this as soon as possible! After Summer got a mouthful of Gino's "protein shake", she screamed that had to get fucked! Well she got fucked and fucked right back in an outrageous display of underwater athletics. Not to mention the violent, screaming and bubble release orgasm that shook the Pool! Definitely our kinda babe.

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Summer's Time  Starring: Summer Haze, Gino Starr
(HD)  14:43  

Summer Haze. Nothing "hazy" here except some of the back-lighting in the pool, certainly nothing about this woman's talents! A lean, curvy, gorgeous Blonde, who gulps down Gino's thick cock during 90 second breath holds. And she lovingly smiles while she does it! Trying to get her back for a full sex shoot, but I think Gino might have kidnapped her!!! Yes, it not only "Looks" that good, it "Feels" That Good!

Dixie Belle BJ  Starring: Dixie Belle, Dallas
(HD)  9:00  

Nothing like the gentle warm suction of a pretty Southern Gal's lips as she swallows your cock! Lovely young Dixie Belle loves to smile and loves to suck cock underwater,.. did I mentions she loves to smile. Especially after getting a satisfying "pop in the mouth!"

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Dare ya Drop-in  Starring: Jamie Valentine, Dallas
(HD)  23:40  

To witness a sexy, loving couple playfully "Drop In" the deep end of a swimming pool is unusual. Fully clothed, only to passionately make love is even rarer! Voluptuous Jamie Valentine would be my first choice to fuck in such a manner. She is playful, constantly cooing little bubbles, laughs, giggles and is a world class sexual tigress that "gives" as well as she "receives"!

Yardwork Plunge  Starring: Lilly Hall, Tony Rubino
(HD)  21:40  

Doesn't take much of a sweaty work-up for Tony to trash the yard work and get wet & submerged with sexy, fleshy Lilly Hall. Can't stop at just a cuddle and cool-down, gotta go for that - sideways pounding spooning action until Lilly is screaming and gasping in orgasmic pleasure. then it's her turn to pound that stiff cock down her throat to get her protein snack! Yum! No wonder the yard looks like shit.

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Ambushed  Starring: Monica Sexxxton, Gino Star
(HD)  14:00  

Monica keeps improving her scuba skills - soon to be certified! Her favorite trick is to hang in the deep end, waiting for "cock and balls" to swim by so she can ambush them and hoover-out a throat full of hot cum. Monica is in total bliss doing this,.. her two favorite things in the world - breathing, hanging out, living underwater and having a cock to play with! Anyone wanna come swim in my pool?

Walk In, Walk Out  Starring: Holly Halston, Levi Cash
(HD)  21:05  

Like many of great erotic moments in our lives, it happens when a magnetic Woman just "walks in". Walks in to our lives, that party, the waiting room,.. or even our swimming pool. When foxy, buxom Holly Halston walks into a pool - you know there is going be lots of licking, sucking, moaning, groaning, bubble blowing and terrific hard pounding sex! Holly never disappoints. And she sure as hell is not gonna start in this scene. Absolutely one of her best! Unfortunately, after gobbling a mouth full of spooge,.. she just "walks out". Thank God we're tracking her on GPS! She'll be back.

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Liquid Velvet  Starring: Taylor Foxx, Diana
(SD)  18:43  

Trying to create a title that warmly slithers thru your thoughts and your groin. Outrageously sensuous Taylor is looking her best in this dreamy, pulsing girl on girl scene in an underwater fantasy set. Voluptuous Diana is a great partner with her massive, soft natural breasts and butt length golden hair. Taylor's swollen red lips not only do the kissing and sucking, but they get sucked, tonged and bubbled right back. Such sensuality, such,.. Liquid Velvet!

How To Hooka!  Starring: Cadence Lux, Dallas
(HD)  34:46  

Not a PADI Approved version of safe Hooka Diving. But we really don't care do we?!!! Lovely, long lean and always cock hungry Cadence Lux puts her best,.. well, her best Legs, Ass, Pussy, Titties and Bottom-less Mouth forward in her first use of mask & regulator in her first underwater sex scene! Hooray for Cadence. Dallas only wishes all his first time pupils had such an itchy salt water pussy and blow-fish mouth. We'll be seeing much more of Cadence and her underwater adventures!

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Foot Fuck Continued  Starring: Bamboo, Pascal
(HD)  17:46  

Part Two - the continuation. Nothing to say here, 'cept after a monumental cum spurting foot-job, Bamboo & Pascal rock out an incredible underwater fuck scene with another cum shot at the end! This was one continuous scene shot a few months back. After we wrapped the shoot,.. guess what? They stayed in the pool to have some private fuck time,.. til it was dark!! They should be paying me for the pool time!

Glamour Girl  Starring: Cali, Dallas
(HD)  16:43  

Sexy curvy, long wavy hair, sparkling eyes, red swollen lips and a control and mastery under the water that makes you think she's a real mermaid. A pin-up classic figure that should be painted on the nose of a WWII Bomber! That's Cali - she's a Glamour Girl. A fucking hot babe. A siren of the deep. And a damn fine and underwater cock sucker. Enjoy.

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Foot Fuck  Starring: Bamboo, Pascal
(HD)  12:48  

Bamboo adds a new "hands-off" skill to her already impressive set of underwater talents. Jacking off her lover with her slender, soft feet! This exciting prequel to an amazing underwater sex scene finds her on her back, underwater as she masterfully strokes Pascal into oblivion! Stay tuned for the continuation of the full sex scene!

Olivia  Starring: Olivia, Gino
(HD)  12:51  

Hurrah for the horny girls next door! Tight bodied, perky titted, cum hungry girls next door that want cock underwater and in front of a camera! Meet Olivia, not really from next door, more like a few blocks away. But close enough to call her a horny neighbor who wanted to strut her stuff trying to gag herself underwater on Gino's stiff cock. What a cutie.

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