Underwater Sex
Underwater Sex

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Lola   Starring: Lola Vaughn, Gino
(HD)  31:20  

Lovely, leggy Lola Vaughn submerges into a self pleasured fantasy underwater. Lola's seductive eyes soon attract a passion partner that rocks her pussy to a tingly, explosive orgasm. Great uw sex with a true aqua seductress!

Shortie BJ   Starring: Shortie Breeze, Gino
(HD)  14:59  

Short, yes. Passionate and fun, hell yes! Petite dynamo, Shortie Breeze, turns her sexy posing into a great underwater oral sex scene. This little cutie is hot as hell as she cheerfully crams Gino's thick cock and massive cum explosion into her mouth. Great fun to watch, even more fun to fantasize about! Thanks Shortie!


True Pleasure   Starring: Alice Lighthouse, Gino
(HD)  13:13  

Whose pleasure I'm not sure,.. pretty sure it's both! Voluptuous sex-animal, Alice Lighthouse, is perfectly at home underwater and is more than happy with her task at hand, or rather in mouth. In fact, in control of those full, hefty, natural titties, round firm ass, endless legs and that gorgeous smile is the twinkle in her eye that eagerly screams - I'm Truly getting Pleasure giving Pleasure! Amazing underwater handjob/titjob/blowjob with a great oral finish.



Aqua Gym 1   Starring: Sabrina Banks, Dallas
(HD)  23:38  

Raven haired temptress Sabrina Banks struts her underwater sex prowess while experimenting with the Aqua Gym version 1. Sabrina's extreme underwater control shows off her wonderfully lean, athletic curves and sexy-devil personality. A perfect mating to help design and test the Aqua Gym hand holds. Although testing was brief because the sex immediately took the spot light. And Sabrina is a world class "Spotlight" performer. She's gorgeous, fearless, playful, highly skilled underwater and is giving you an orgasmic submerged sex performance!

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Underwater Lovers #9   Starring: Callie Calypso, Bruno Dickemz
(HD)  35:18  

Underwater Sex Vixen Callie Calypso weights her man down so she can get the proper underwater fuck-fest that she desires,. and deserves!. Her perfect athletic bod, taught nipples and grabable ass are seconded only by her devilish smile, twinkling eyes and flowing hair. Callie is in incredible form showing off her uw skills and amazing back arching, toe pointing, passion-posing. It not only looks great, it feels great judging by her explosive screams and orgasm!


Dive for It!   Starring: Kaylee Banks, Gino
(HD)  13:22  

Spunky and Vivacious Kaylee Banks literally dives for Cock! Plunging into the deep end, she readily zero's in on Gino's Cock. After some quick massaging with hands and her luscious ass, Kaylee gets right down to an underwater suck-a-thon, including some throat pounding face fucking. It's not long before Gino explodes in her suctioning mouth.

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Pristine Scuba   Starring: Pristine Edge, Gino
(HD)  26:39  

Foxy petite Pristine Edge gets her underwater orgasms on in this rock'n scuba/hookah fuck! From ass shaking strip from her frilly white bikini to her neck snapping pile-driver abuse, Pris is loving every second of bubble blowing and out of breath screams!



Bow Bottoms   Starring: Natalia Mendez, Tony Rubino
(HD)  24:12  

How to get a gorgeous Latin Sex Kitten to fuck you in the pool: First find a luscious hard body Latino with a face as pretty as Natalia Mendez. second buy her a sexy bikini with a pretty bow on the bottoms and tell her how great she looks in it. Third,.. get that damn bikini off her and fuck her underwater like it was the last thing you were going to do! Enjoy and repeat often.

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